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Solutions for Success

7 Pillars Williams  was founded by Felton Williams a 22 year Marine Corps Veteran as well as an Amazon Consultant with a knowledge of curriculum development, Nationally Accredited Programs focusing on communications, consulting, presentation skills, Training the Trainer or Coach courses to name a few. 

The name 7 Pillars Williams was inspired by Felton's family. He believes family is very important and the pillar in life. 

7 Pillars Williams represents Felton, his beautiful bride and 5 amazing children. A family is a pillar in our lives and helps keep us grounded and loved. We are here to leave a legacy for our children. 

7 Pillars William Group is back by years of Adjunct Instructor Experience. Felton is certified in training, facilitation, coach and consultative communication skills. Training the best to develop resilient teams is a passion for the teams. 

We have worked with the Department of Defense represented by all services and Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon.  The team is available for Senior Leaders, Mid-level Managers and team members. Our flexibility to work with individuals online, group events and site training makes 7 Pillars Williams Group a great choice for continuous opportunities. 

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Our Partners

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